West Highland White Terrier Dog Breed

Country of origin:


Male 15 – 22 pounds (7 – 10 kg)
Female 13 – 16 pounds (6 – 7 kg)

Male 10 – 12 inches (25 – 30 cm)
Female 9 – 11 inches (23 – 28 cm)

Rough outer coat and Soft, dense, thick undercoat.

Coat Colors:

Life span:
Up to 15 years.

Health Issues:
Hernias, Liver disease, Jawbone calcification, Skin problems.

West Highland White Terrier

Dog Breed Info

The West Highland White Terrier also known as “Westie” is energetic, active and stubborn. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants to. You have to set down the rules from the very beginning, to let him know who is the leader and to prevent him from taking over.

He usually gets along well with other dogs, but because of his natural leadership he has to be in charge whenever there are other dogs in the scene. The West Highland has a strong hunter instinct and you might see him chasing smaller animals. This should alert you from having birds, hamsters and any other small household pets around.

The “Westie” loves to bark, which makes him and excellent guard dog, but he also has a naatural instinct for digging holes in the patio. When picking up your “Westie” do not consider only his physical appearance. You should also pay attention to other characteristics such as: his pedigree, his temperament and the breeder’s experience. If you make the correct choice, you will safe yourself some big headaches in the near future.