Scottish Deerhound Dog Breed Information

Country of origin:

Canada, England

Male 75 – 110 pounds (34–50 kg)
Female 73 – 105 pounds (41–54 kg)

Male 28 – 32 inches (71–81 cm)
Female 26 – 30 inches (66–76 cm)

Harsh and Wiry coat.

Hair Colors:
Black, Grey, Brown, Black and White.

Life span:
under 10 years.

Health Issues:
Bloat, Cardiomyopathy, Bone cancer.

Dog Breed Info

The Scottish Deerhound is loving, agile, athletic, extremely fast and has good stamina. He is affectionate with children and enjoys being with his family. The Deerhound is not a good guard dog because he is too friendly with everyone.


They are lazy when indoors, so you should take him on a walk every day. You must be careful when you’re in your backyard because he tends to run (he loves to run!) and sometimes has no idea of the danger and may be hit by a car.

The Deerhound is very active in his puppyhood and needs plenty of exercise. If you are not providing him with enough exercise and mental stimulation he can be destructive when he gets bored. On the other hand , when he reaches adulthood, he becomes lazy and just wants t lie down to rest for a looooooong while.