Lowchen Dog Breed Information

Country of origin:


Male 12 – 18 pounds (5.4–8.1 kg)
Female 10 – 15 pounds (4.5–6.8 kg)

Male 12 – 14 inches (30–35.6 cm)
Female 11 – 13 inches (28–33 cm)

Dense, long and moderately wavy coat with a soft texture.

Coat Colors:
white, black, lemon and speckeled coloring.

Life span:
12 – 14 years.

Health Issues:
Generally healthy, some lines are prone to patellar luxation.


Dog Breed Info

The Lowchen is an affectionate, intelligent, sociable and willing dog. This breed is sensible and gentle, but also very courageous. They don’t have any problem with other dogs and they behave well with children. He is known as the “lion dog” because of the traditional grooming given to them.

This little guy is not known for being energetic, yet he can compete in agility, obedience and other skills. He is relatively easy to train and he loves to play outdoors with his family. He can live comfortably in an apartment and he is very active in there.