Japanese Chin – This breeds of dogs is an average shedder

The Japanese Chin is great for someone  

whose wants a small, relatively calm companion.

HEIGHT:   8-11 inches
WEIGHT: 4-7 lbs
COLOR(S):  black and white, red and white, or black and tan and white
LONGEVITY:   12 to 14 years
EXERCISE:  low activity level
GROOMING:  Moderate


The Japanese Chin, original name is called as Japanese Spaniel, the AKC changed the name in 1977. It is originated from Japan and is an ancient toy dog breeds with full of history. These dog breeds is first and foremost bred as a companion dog.

In 1964 they were honored as one of Japan’s national symbols. It was later developed in Japan and introduced to Europe in 1700.



The Japanese Chin’s coat is straight, long, and silky. He has a feathering on his back of the legs, the tail, the ears, and around the neck. He has a large broad head and large and round eyes. The muzzle is short and broad. The coat colors comes with white with patches of black, red, lemon, yellow, sable, black, orange, brindle, red and tricolored.


The Japanese Chin Dog is very obedient compare with other toy breeds, they is very bright and enjoy to learn new things. The training will be easy due to their eager to please attitude. This dog should have a socialization training for him can meet varieties of people.
The training should train with gentle, fun, yet structured training, and most impoartantly is patience.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


Grooming the Japanese Chin may be takes somes of your times. These silky and long coat need to brush and comb with using a soft bristle brush or curry bomb every other day to keep the coat in a good looking. Bathe only when is necessary with a gentle dry shampoo.

The Japanese Chin is a gentle, mild mannered, yet is affectionate and playful dog. They are a very devoted companion dog to their owner. These dog breeds is not a barker.

They are alert and also is a good watchdogs. They can get good along with a gentle children and other small pets.