Ibizan Hound Dog Breed

Country of origin:


Male 50 pounds (23 kg)
Female 45 pounds (20 kg)

Male 24 – 28 inches (60 – 70 cm)
Female 23 – 26 inches (57 – 66 cm)

There are three varieties of Ibizan:
Smooth, Long and Wire haired.

Coat Colors:
Red-White, Tawny-White, Solid Red or White.

Life span:
10 – 12 years

Health Issues:
Genetic propensity for Axonal Dystrophy, nerve and muscle disease.


Dog Breed Info

The Ibizan Hound was bred to hunt rabbits and other small animals. His incredible speed and stamina makes him a good competitor in coursing and other sports. Although he is an athletic dog, he can spend hours sitting or sleeping in the comfort of home.

This breed has the ability to jump high (do not leave food in the countertop). You should have a yard with a fence of at least 7 feet high to prevent the dog from escaping and when you take a walk with him, use a leash.

He is a versatile dog with whom you can do sports and he can also be your familiy’s faithful and loving companion. He is a very clean dog who likes being in groups with other dogs or humans.