Glen of Imaal Terrier Dog

Country of origin:


Male 34 – 36 pounds (15 – 16 kg)
Female 34 – 36 pounds (15 – 16 kg)

Male 14 inches (35.5 – 36.5 cm)
Female 14 inches (35.5 – 36.5 cm)

Harsh medium lenght coat with a soft undercoat.

Coat Colors:
Wheaten from cream silver to blue and brindle(light blue, dark blue and tan).

Life span:
13 – 14 years.

Health Issues:
Hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, flea allergies.


Dog Breed Info

The Glen of Imaal Terrier is smart, , courageous, patient and easy to train. He is also gentle with his family. He tends to mature slower than any other average dog. He is very energetic and to canalize all that energy, you should get him involved in activities such as obedience and agility exercises.

The Glen of Imaal is a family protector, and will defend them if necessary. Eventhough he is not an aggressive dog, he will confront any dog who might try to harm his master. In general, the Glen of Ismaal is a quiet household dog that does not bark much, unless he detects danger when he hears a hoarse voice.

He needs daily exercise. You can take him out for a walk or leave him in the patio (if it has a fence). You should keep in mind that, since the Glen is a terrier, he likes to dig holes on the ground. He might destroy your garden if you don’t keep your both eyes on him.