American Eskimo Dog Breed History

The American Eskimo is charming, intelligent affectionate and a loving dog. They are good with children. Eskimo will be a good alert watchdogs to protect your house and family.

BREED GROUP: Non-sporting
OCCUPATION: Companion, watchdog, performer
HEIGHT: 23-30 cm
WEIGHT: 2- 5 kg
COLOR(S): white, white with biscuit cream
LONGEVITY: 13 to 15 years
EXERCISE: Daily exercise
GROOMING: Twice weekly brushing
TRAINING: Easy, hard to focus


American Eskimo Dog Breed HistoryThe American Eskimo Dog originates from the USA, This breed nicknamed the “Eskie”. They are thought to have originated from German Spitz dogs that came over to the United States from Germany with immigrants in the 1600s. German immigrants, In the late 1800s, Eskimo was name as the American Spitz and is very popular in traveling road shows and circuses, performing tricks.

In 1913 the Eskimo was registered with the UKC. The breed was first registered with the AKC in 1995.


The Eskimo Dog comes in three sizes, and this includes the toy American Eskimo Dog, the miniature American Eskimo Dog, and the standard American Eskimo Dog. Toy are 9 inches up to and including 12 inches at the witchers, miniatures are more than 12 inches up to and up to 19 inches at the withers.

The coloring of all Eskimo Dogs is white or biscuit cream, and the coat is straight and harsh with a dense, softer undercoat. The coat has a glorious standoff double coat and is straight with a thick undercoat.


These dog breeds need a daily exercise, for daily walk is not enough for them. The Eskie will easily become bored without regular exercise and play time. Without enough exercise, Eskimo can be quite mischievous and will amuse themselves!

The Eskimo Dog is easy to train and eager to please. This breed is very talented in obedience training.



The Eskimo coat requires a minimum of twice weekly brushing. These dogs are heavy shedders, you will need to brush his coat on a daily basis. And therefore not best suited to those with allergies.

The thick snowy white coat is easy to groom brush with a firm bristle brush twice a week. However, at other times of the year brushing around twice a week should suffice.

You should bathe your Eskimo on monthly basis.


American Eskimo is intelligent, friendly, charming, and loving dog. Eskimos are easy to train quick, alert and agile making them a very desirable choice, and they are often top ranked score in obedience training.

Eskimo make alert watchdogs, trespassers will be met with a flurry of barking. Wary of strangers, the breed is very loyal to the master family and friends


Affenpinscher Dog Breed Info

The Affenpinscher is “Monkey Dog“, is translated from their name in German. 

This breed is playful and full of energy- is very terrier-like personality.
Believed to be one of the oldest among the toy breeds.

OCCUPATION: Ratter, Companion
HEIGHT: 11-15 inches (24 -38 cm.)
WEIGHT: 6- 9 pounds (3- 3.7 kg.)
COLOR(S): gray, silver,black, or black and tan
LONGEVITY: 14 to 16 years
EXERCISE: Active Dog
GROOMING: Hand stripping / Professioner groomer
TRAINING: Easy but hard to focus

Affenpinscher is one of the most ancient toy breeds, he is very popular in Germany and now found worldwide. Their names is comes from their “monkeylike” appearance, affen is meaning “monkey”, and pinscher is meaning “terrier”, and the name Affenpinscher translated from German is “Monkey Terrier”. In Germany, affen were used to hunt rodents.


These breeds of dogs registered by the AKC in 1936.
This Breeds of dogs known by his cute “monkeylike” face. They has a dense and shaggy hair coat. They have a long and less harsh coat at their head, chest, neck, stomach, and legs. Affen have a distinct look. Their coat colors comes with gray, black, red, and silver.
The Affenpinscher is a sturdy and balance little breed. affen is curious, brazen, busy, obstinate,and fearless, this breed is playful and full of energy. They are very spunk and charm little dog with a boldness and courageous. The Affen is a good watchdog but it may loves to bark always.

Housetraining these kind of dog breeds can be challenge. This dog need training constantly, The Affenpinscher Club of America recommeds that these dogs should attend puppy training classes for socialization as they are sometimes complicated to housebreak. Training these breed session need to be assorted and quick, because it may lose the interest hastily.

Grooming the Affenpinscher takes some skill, must be hand-stripped. If you really want to comb your dog, there will have brushes specially design for the wiry hair dog, that you will needed to groom an Affen


They harsh coat should never be clipped short because this ruins the coat for many years. Most pet dogs are groomed with scissors and clippers by proffessional groomer.

You need to trim his nails weekly and remember always brush and check his teeth to make sure is brushed. These dog no need to brush for many times, only when is neccessary.
The Affenpinscher dog is active and energetic and they do best with active with people. The Affen has a tendency to protect and guard their toys and also their food, so they are not recommended for the young children.

They like to entertain their master and their family member, because they enjoy to be part of their family. This breed is also good with other pets, although most of them need to learn not to chase the family cat.