What You Need To Know About Training Beagle Puppies

Beagle puppies are absolutely adorable. If you have a new Beagle puppy then congratulations! Beagles are wonderful dogs. They are happy, friendly, outgoing dogs who like people. They are usually very sweet, gentle dogs and they make great family dogs. But, like all dogs, they need some training if they’re going to have good manners. Here’s some information to help you in training Beagle puppies.

Training Your Beagle Puppy

Your Beagle puppy probably won’t know very much when he comes home with you. Most puppies go to their new homes when they are 8 to 10 weeks old. For most of their first few weeks their mother has been feeding them and cleaning up after them. After that, they started eating some “real” food (probably puppy food) and their breeder had to clean up after them. So, your puppy probably isn’t housetrained and he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do in the house. So, don’t get mad at him if he has accidents or makes mistakes. He just doesn’t know anything yet.

Here are some things that your puppy needs to learn in the first year:

  • Housetraining
  • Crate training
  • Socialization
  • Basic obedience lessons
  • Good manners

If your puppy can learn all these things in the first year, he’ll be doing great!  You’ll have a very well-trained puppy indeed.



You can start your Beagle puppy’s housetraining as soon as you bring him home. Then put your puppy on a good schedule. Take him out first thing in the morning when he wakes up, then after every meal, every play time, and every nap. Take him out before bed at night. Feed him his dinner no later than about 7 or 8 in the evening so he will have a chance to potty before he goes to sleep. This will prevent accidents at night.

If your puppy does have an accident in the house it won’t do any good to punish him after it happens. He won’t know why he’s being punished. Just make up your mind that you will watch him better in the future and look for indications that he needs to go outside.

Crate training

Crate training can be very good for a puppy. It’s a great way to help with housetraining. And, if you travel with your puppy in the car it’s safer for him to ride in a crate. You can place your puppy’s crate in the house where he will find it and put some toys and treats inside.

Leave the door open so he can go in and out on his own. Let him explore it. If he wants to sleep inside, let him. Once he is happy with the crate you can close the door for a few minutes and let him get used to spending a short amount of time in there. Gradually increase the time. Always provide your puppy with some toys and safe things to chew on when he’s in the crate so he can keep himself occupied.


One of the most important things for your Beagle puppy to learn when he’s young is socialization. Socialization will help your puppy develop self-confidence. Puppies who develop self-confidence are less likely to have behavior problems when they get older. Take your puppy places with you. Encourage him to meet friendly people who will pet him. Let him meet other friendly dogs. Let him see new places and things so he won’t be scared of them.

You can also sign your puppy up for a puppy preschool or puppy kindergarten class. These classes are often offered by pet stores, animal shelters, kennel clubs, and dog trainers. Your puppy can meet other puppies and their owners and learn some manners. Some of these classes even offer some basic obedience lessons.


Basic obedience lessons

Sign your puppy up for a basic obedience class. You can even teach these lessons at home. There are lots of good DVDs, CDs, and books on obedience lessons for dogs. It’s good for your puppy to learn basic obedience commands and training together will be a good bonding experience for you. You can start training with your dog after he’s about two months old.

Good manners

Good manners are something that you will need to teach your Beagle puppy on an ongoing basis. They include things like not jumping on people or grabbing things off the kitchen counter. If you have particular rules in your house then you’ll need to teach them to your dog. All dogs need to learn good manners so they can meet people and behave well.


Training your Beagle puppy takes time and it will be up to you to teach him what he needs to know. Try to teach your puppy the most important things during his first year such as housetraining, crate training, socialization, basic obedience, and good manners. If your Beagle puppy learns these things he’ll be a dog you can be proud of.