Golden Retriever Dog Breed Info

The Golden Retriever is the perfect family pet and companion. Golden is a very popular breed, sturdy, loving, eager to please, and gentle.

BREED GROUP:  Sporting

  Hunter, companion, performance sport
HEIGHT: Male: 23-24; Female: 21.5-22.5 inches
WEIGHT:   Male: 65-75; Female: 55-65 lbs
COLOR(S): various shades of gold
LONGEVITY:  11 to 13 years
EXERCISE:  Vigorous daily exercise
GROOMING: Easy to moderate
TRAINING: Easy, moderate to keep challenged


Golden Retriver originated Scottish Highland, has a beautiful golden coat, and bred as a water retriever and a hunter. Golden dog’s history, probably to 1865, when the shuttle when the Scottish popular hunting, so good hunting of wild animals on the popular medium-sized dog.

In the early of time, Lord Tweedmouth wish to have a dog was kind, loyal and energetic, so he developed a dog by crossing original yellow Flat-Coated Retriever and been extinct Tweed Water Spaniel, become Golden Retriever nowaday.

The Golden Dog Breeds was recognized by the AKC in 1925.


The Golden Retriever is a medium to large size sturdy dog breeds.  The Golden has a double coat that is weather resistant or water-resistant.  The dense hair coat , the hair or wavy hair to smooth hair, hair of its rich decoration. The legs and tail are covered with longer hair.

The coat color is rich with golden colors to cream colors.


They is a easiest breeds to train, the breed needs a mental stimulation and a challenge of training. A bored Golden will get into bad trouble, so it always need a training to keep it happy nature attitude. Should start training the household rules and correct social behaviour when golden was just a puppy.


The Golden Retriever requires daily exercise,  in addition to running outside, swimming is also good, preferably with same water with your dog. Ear especially must be kept dry to prevent infection.

The Golden requires daily and brushes with bristle brush, and they need to be regularly dry shampoo.

Some golden are on the salt sensitive, after swimming in the sea, must going to wash away the salt body as soon as possible.

Golden Retriever are a excellent family dogs, they are the world’s foremost family pet and companion.  The Golden is a loyal and devoted dog, This dogs love company people. They get well with children and other pets as well.


Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed Info

The Tibetan Mastiff makes a good loyal companion who will protect you and yours families.

BREED GROUP:    Mastiff
   Livestock guardian
HEIGHT:  61-71 cm
WEIGHT:  64-78 kg
COLOR(S):  black and tan, golden brown
LONGEVITY:  10 to 12 years
EXERCISE:  Moderate
GROOMING:  Moderate
TRAINING:  Challenge


The Tibetan Mastiff also known as the “Do-Khyi“. They is a ancient breed, have been in existence as early as 1100 BC. They is descended from crossing the famous Tibetan dogs and Mastiff. They were bred to guard the property, herding dog and guardian dog.

This breeds of dogs was registered with the AKC in 2006.


The Tibetan Mastiff is a massive large and giant dog with a sturdy bone structure.  They has a immense double coat with a long and thick hair. The undercoat is wooly, soft and heavy coat makes him resistant to cold weather. The outer coat is thick and dense.

The coat colors comes with black, brown and blue, with or without tan markings.


The Tibetan Mastiff is the hardest dog breeds to train. They learn the news commands more slowly than other breeds. The early socialization training is important, as this breed is very protective. Should let’s this dogs meet variety of people and other dogs.

Training can be challenge, as this breed is quite stubborn. However with the consistency, variety, firm and structured, yet fun training, the training can be done well.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


The medium length coat need to brush with firm bristle brush regularly. When is season shedding, you may need to brushed and combed them daily to remove loose hair.

They is a clean dog, they has very little dog odor. Tibetan Mastiff is good for allergy sufferers.

The Tibetan Mastiff is strong willed, and very intelligent, but sometimes they can also be very stubborn. They is very affectionate, courageous, fearless, loving, and calm. They is very loyal to their family and highly protective of their family and property.

They have a loud, deep voice bark, which they tend to bark  at night if left outside, but will be quiet indoors.

Tibetan is a excellent loyal companion who will  protect you and yours families.

BullDog Breed Info

The Bulldog appearance of horrible, however it is good, kind loyal dog. The original bull breeds were a fightng dogs.

BREED GROUP: Non-Sporting
  Fighter, Companion
HEIGHT:  12-15 inches
WEIGHT: Male: 50; Female: 40 lbs
COLOR(S):  brindle, solid white, red, or fawn, or any of these on a white background
LONGEVITY: 10 to 12 years
EXERCISE: Low activity level
TRAINING: Moderate


English Bulldog, also called it “tiger dog”, originated in the Great Britain. The original bull breeds were a fighting dog.  Fanciers breed bred for traits other than aggresive and become this breed we know today.  The reason why use the name of “cattle”, because the dogs used to be “vertical cattle dog bite” of the game。

After several generations of selective breeding, the English Bulldog become the most strong physical among all the dog ! And make it down to a minimum the original wild, this is what we know today bulldog, a reason to be proud of this dog breeds.

The breed was registered with the AKC in 1934.


Their coat is short, falt, glossy and fine texture. The breed is short and stout, but they is a sturdy build. The coat color are balance, pure and shinning, it can be red, fawn, piebald, white, and fallow, various colors of brindle.

This breed is an average shedder.


The English Bulldog are strong but is a gentle dog, easy going, kind, couragoues and affectionate dog. They loves to spend their time with his master and master family, they is a wonderful pet. They are affectionate with children and good with other pets too.


Early training is important, early socialization and basic obedience must done start from young age. Because this breed is a gentle and turdy temperament, so these dog will seldom get in trouble in training.

The training should done with fairness, owner should be patience on these breed while training.


Bulldog should always take it the sun, hot weather, can be carried out in the early morning and late afternoon sun bath. Their face,  limbs, skin fold easily lead to skin moist, need to be cleaned daily to avoid skin problems. If the eye has been formed under the wet tears and need to clean it often too.

Their coat should brushed couple of times each week with a soft bristle brush. After the bath, must keep dry the wet area.

They is pretty odd shape, walking is very gentlemanly, calm personality,  friendly, kind, trustworthy. The breed is friendly with children and good with other pets too.

They is an excellent guard dog capability, suitable for the environment more spacious backyard.

They have a quirky sense of humor.

English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Info

Country of origin:


Male 28 – 34 pounds (13 – 16 kg)
Female 26 – 32 pounds (12 – 15 kg)

Male 15 – 17 inches (38 – 43cm)
Female 14 – 16 inches (36 – 41 cm)

medium-long coat that are flat or slightly wavy, with a silky texture.

Coat Colors:
white with black, liver, or shades of red, solid black, liver,or shades of red, black and tan, and liver and tan.

Life span:
12 – 15 years.

Health Issues:
ear infections, ticks or burr, obesity.

Dog Breed Info

The English Cocker Spaniel is vigorous , smart and gentle. He is an excellent family dog who loves children. He may sometimes be a little stubborn, but generally he learns the commands you may teach him fast. Some dogs of this breed are very friendly, while others tend to be more cautious.

This dog can participate in tracking, obedience trials, flyball and agility competition. This breed is very loyal and affectionate with his family. According to Stanley Coren’s book, “The Intelligence of Dogs”, the English Spaniel is ranked # 18 among the smartest dogs. They are excellent work dogs.

You should teach your dog to socialize at early puppyhood because he might become shy as he grows up. The Cocker Spaniel has been a complement of both entertainment and happiness for families for generations.

Chihuahua Dog Breed

The Chihuahua being the smallest of all dog breeds, They is bold and fearless and will guard its master, it has a good temper but is suspicious of strangers and so, makes good watchdogs.

HEIGHT:  15-23 cm
WEIGHT: 1-3 kg
COLOR(S):  All colors
LONGEVITY:  14 to 18 years
TRAINING: Challenge


Chihuahua being the oldest breed in America continent and is named after the region of Mexico. It was only brought to Europe at the end of the nineteenth century.  What breeds were used to make up these breed are unclear, but some think it originated from the Fennec Fox.

They have been found in the pyramids of Cholula, which were built before 1500s. This breed from being the sacred dog of the Aztecs to being around in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago.

1923’s set up an Chihuahua Club, it have been one of the most popular dog breedsin  America. They is  smallest breed in the world.


The Chihuahua has a dark and round head, and wallow eyes, with a very large proportion ears. These dog breed comes in two varieties, which are the Smooth coat and also the long coat. The long coat has a soft, long coat, and this can be single or double. The smooth coat has a short, soft and dense.

Coat colors comes with both solid, marked Colors chestnut, steel blue, silver black, sable, white, fawn, black & tan and parti-color.


The Chihuahua can be difficult to train, but with patience, love, and consistency do well and They learn fast and firm, quite but gentle training.  They respond best to positive reinforcement. In fact, the right approach can make their training of any easy.

They can be housetrained or the paper training method. They also need exercise and playtime.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


Grooming this little dog is not difficult, and they do need a minimal grooming. The long coat should be combed every other day and checked for tangles. The smooth coat require occasional brushing only.

Two kind of variety only need bathe once a month  with using mild shampoo. The short hair coat variety will shed whole year. Normally they are medium shedder. They does not tolerate cold climates and must be protected when taken outside.

The Chihuahua is the smallest among all the other breeds. They are the oldest breed in America. They have a very unique personality.  They are smart, energetic, and have a human-like expression. This breed is not necessarily the best choice for children, as dogs can be fragile.

Siberian Husky Dog Breed

The Siberian Husky is a friendly, gentle, alert and outgoing. These dog breeds is intelligence, tractability, and enthusiasm, is a suitable partner and loyal worker.

BREED GROUP:   Working Dogs
  Sled dog
HEIGHT:  53-60 cm
WEIGHT: 20-27 kg
COLOR(S):  All colors from black to pure white
LONGEVITY:  11 to 13 years
EXERCISE:  Daily run
TRAINING: Moderate to difficult


The Siberian Husky is a first and foremost a sled dog. He is originated from Russia, originally bred by the Chukchi people of Siberia. These breed was introduced in Alaska in the 1900s, and they is popular breed in the Arctic region. These breed were used to pull sleds, herd reindeer, and as a watchdog dog.

These breeds of dogs was registered with the AKC in 1930.


He has a double coat, medium-length hair look very thick. Undercoat is soft and dense of sufficient length to support the outer coat. The outer coat is straight, smooth,  and straight guard hairs.

Their coat color comes with a various colors, which are white and black,  white and gray, copper white and red, pure white , white and sable, and wolf -gray. The face mask and under body are usually white.


Typical Husky charater is a friendly, gentle, alert and outgoing.  He does not disply the possessive qualities of the guard dog.  He will not overly suspicious of strangers,  and will not attack other dogs. Adult Husky should have a degree of care and dignity .

These dog breeds is intelligence, tractability, and enthusiasm, is a suitable partner and loyal worker.


The Siberian Husky is quick to intelligent and quick to learn but has a mind of its own. They can be challenge to train and maybe difficult to housebreak too. Training is important should begin in early puppyhood to help keep these dogs safe.

The training should be consistency, firmness, fairness and most impoartanly they will only respond best to the patience owner.

Husky are extroverts, friendly with just everyone, they are not watchdogs.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


Husky coat needs to brushing with a bristle brush or curry bomb every week. These coat twice a year sheds heavily, during the shedding seasons, usually is spring and fall, they need to be combed and brushed daily.


Siberian Husky is a gentle, loving and affectionate sweet natured dog, that makes for a great famil y dog. They usually get good with children and friendly with strangers, they are not kind of watchdogs.

These dogs should not be trusted with the smaller pets and cats, as they have a strong prey instinct.

Rottweiler Dog Breed

The Rottweiler is a Strong, Muscular, and powerful dog breeds.

They is loyal and protective, devoted to their master and family.

BREED GROUP:   Working Dogs

   Drover, guardian, companion
HEIGHT:  61-69 cm
WEIGHT:  43-59 kg
COLOR(S):  black with tan mark
LONGEVITY:  10 to 12 years
EXERCISE:  Moderate
TRAINING: Moderate


The Rottweiler originates from Germany and is descended from Italian Mastiff. They were used to herd livestock, as a guard, draught dogs. They are also used in search and rescue,as a police dogs. They have nearly extinct in the 1800’s, but the breed population make a come back at the early 22 century, by the effort of breeders in Stuttgart. They gets his name from the town of Rottweil in Germany.

The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1931.


The Rottweiler is a strong dog, with a muscular and powerful body. They is a large dog breeds. The coat is short, straight and coarse to the touch. The color is always black with mahogany or tan markings.

They is heavy shedding depend on the seasons.


These breeds is powerful, serious, calm and confident. They are very loyal and protective toward their master and master family, they do well in a family environment.


Rottweiler is a fast learner,intelligent and responsible. Training should start from young age, and should attend a training class emphasizes socialization and obedience training. Should let them meet many different of people.

They should teach obedience commands and household rules, they needs a firm discipline and consistnt training.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


Grooming these breeds of dogs is not difficult, is relatively easy to groom. The medium-length coat can be brushed twice weekly with a pin brush or slicker brush.

Bathing should not too often, because it will remove the natural oils from the coat and skin.


Rottweilers are devoted and very loyal to their families. They is powerful, calm, courages and is high intelligent. They should have a large sized yard, they need plenty of exercise. These breed is not friendly to the stranger, and also strange dogs, this is not a dog park breed.