Border Collie Dog Breed Info

The Border Collies are known as the workaholics of the dog world.He is devoted, passionate, these breed makes an affectionate and extraordinarily devoted pet.

BREED GROUP: Group Herding Dogs
 Sheep-herder, performance sports
HEIGHT: Male: 19-23; Female: 17-20 inches
WEIGHT: 31-46 lbs
COLOR(S): black, sable, and blue merle, mark with
tan and/or white colors.
LONGEVITY: 12 to 16 years
EXERCISE: Vigorous daily exercise
TRAINING: Easy; hard to keep challenged


The Border Collie was originated developed in Scotland, England during the 19th century. They was developed as an all purpose hunting terrier and used by the Vikings to herding any type of livestock. Some Collies have been trained successfully as a blind guide dogs.  His ancestors are all working terriers.

These breeds of dogs was registered at the AKC in 1995.


This is a medium dog breeds. They comes with two types of coat which are rough or smooth coat. The outer coat is wavy and straight, the under coat is soft and dense. Both coat are weather resistant, dense, thick and close fitting.

The coat colors come in black and white, bi-color, tri-color, red & white, black & gray,merle, yellow, yellow & white, red, wheaten, sable, and all black.


Early socialization and obedience training are important, it can help channel some of the breed’s tendency to be busy. The Border Collie is very intelligent and aware of their surroundings.  These athletic, working dogs are extremely athletic and need hours of exercise each day, they need to run.

Training these dog breeds can be challenge because they are very intelligent. Keep his mind always busy and active and make the training fun. They are able to be trained to a high degree with praise, consistency, fairness, respect, and firmness.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


Grooming the Border Collie is easy. They needs a regular brushing and combing twice weekly to keep the coat gleaming. Bathe or dry shampoo when is necessary. Extra care should be given to the coat during the shedding season. Cheack and clean the ears and coat regularly.

This dog breeds is an average shedder. Health concerns include hip dysplasia and eye defects.


These dogs are too intelligent and love to entertain themselves and may like to entertain you as well. They are high energy, confident, and determined. It is recommended you do not own a Border Collie if you can’t put many hours a day to keep these dog well exercised in both mind and body.

They are not avid barkers, but can be good watchdogs. They is patient with the children and loves to play games with them, but they may tries to herd them the natural attitude of them.

Interactions with small pets should be supervised.