Poodle Dog Breed Info

The Poodle is an excellent family dog.  They is loyal and protective of his owner and their family.

BREED GROUP: Non-sporting
 Retriever, companion
HEIGHT:  38cm
WEIGHT: 20-32kg
COLOR(S): any solid color
LONGEVITY: 12 to 14 years
EXERCISE: daily walk
GROOMING:  Difficult
TRAINING: Needs to be challenged


The origin of the Poodle is mystery, no one knows where them from, they has a mixed history. They were popular in Germany, but some believe was developed in France.

They is the oldest and was a water retriever that retrieved game fowl. These breed was bred as a watchdog, show dog and water retriever.

These dog breeds was registered with the AKC in 1887.


The Poodle comes with 3 varieties, which are Miniature, Toy and Standard. They is a miniature to large sized dog. They has a dense and harsh coat, curly coat. The eyes are dark and oval, and the ears are dropped.  The tail is docked.

The coat color comes with solid color and may be white, apricot, cream, blue, black, and many other colors.


The Poodle is a bright and intelligent, proud, graceful and good natured breed. They is irplayful, lively, cheerful, and enjoyable breed. They are eager to please their owner and is a popular family pet which are top 10 ranking in the AKC listings.

They are friendly with the children and also stranger too.


They are intelligent and bright, which make easy to train, but sometimes they may be very demanding. The obedience training and socialization should begin early, for them to understanding the household rules early.

The training should train with consistent, confident, fairness, firmness, and most importantly is train with patience and calm.


Grooming the poodle may takes times, effort, and knowledge., and is a complicated process.  Pet owners suggest to often bring your dogs to a proffesional groomer on a monthly basis,  and may beware of the grooming cost.

The dog should be daily brushing, is highly recommended to prevent matting. Bathe when is necessary using a mild shampoo.


They is an excellent family dog, they are good with the children and other pets. They is reserved with strangers and makes a good watchdog.

These breeds of dogs is a bright and intelligent dog, which is very quick to learn and is easy to train too.

Author: foxi

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