English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Info

Country of origin:


Male 28 – 34 pounds (13 – 16 kg)
Female 26 – 32 pounds (12 – 15 kg)

Male 15 – 17 inches (38 – 43cm)
Female 14 – 16 inches (36 – 41 cm)

medium-long coat that are flat or slightly wavy, with a silky texture.

Coat Colors:
white with black, liver, or shades of red, solid black, liver,or shades of red, black and tan, and liver and tan.

Life span:
12 – 15 years.

Health Issues:
ear infections, ticks or burr, obesity.

Dog Breed Info

The English Cocker Spaniel is vigorous , smart and gentle. He is an excellent family dog who loves children. He may sometimes be a little stubborn, but generally he learns the commands you may teach him fast. Some dogs of this breed are very friendly, while others tend to be more cautious.

This dog can participate in tracking, obedience trials, flyball and agility competition. This breed is very loyal and affectionate with his family. According to Stanley Coren’s book, “The Intelligence of Dogs”, the English Spaniel is ranked # 18 among the smartest dogs. They are excellent work dogs.

You should teach your dog to socialize at early puppyhood because he might become shy as he grows up. The Cocker Spaniel has been a complement of both entertainment and happiness for families for generations.